4M Croc That Mauled QLD Teen Swimming In River On A Dare Has Been Trapped

The latest news in the saga of Lee De Paauw, the 18-year-old from Innisfail who jumped into croc-infested waters on a dare to impress a girl, got his arm hectically mauled, and then said he’d do it all again is this: the crocodilian culprit has been caught. 
Rangers in far north Queensland trapped the four-metre crocodile this morning, and happily, considering De Paauw’s wishes (he’s been quoted as saying “I don’t want that crocodile harmed. I want it to live a happy life“), it will be relocated to a crocodile farm or zoo.
all any vicious man-eater really wants: pats
Sorry, one moment – four fucken metres! It is genuinely a miracle that this kid ended up in a hospital rather than a reptilian lower intestine. 
Some don’t see it as much of a miracle though, with Whitsundays MP Jason Costigan expressing it most succinctly when he said, presumably in reference to the ongoing problem of protecting the public from big lizards that want to eat them

“We can’t legislate to protect dickheads.”
Fair point! The takeaway from this parable in three acts: don’t be a dickhead, or a croc will eat you.
Source: 9NEWS.
Image: Inga Rasmussen / Getty.