PEDESTRIAN.TV have partnered with Oroton to help you embrace being neutrals-wearing royalty and bin florals for good this spring.

Spring is right around the corner. For some reason, we’ve been conditioned to think wearing the natural phenomena associated with the season (garish, blossoming flowers) as soon as the pollen count starts to rise is normal.

We do this constantly, despite knowing that it’s simply, well, un-groundbreaking.

So I’m putting my foot down.

For years now, neutral tones have been having a complete fashion moment, but are yet to rise from the shadow of large petal prints and generic leafy patterns.

Neutral tones are the undisputed alpha of the fashion world – they’re so subtle, match with basically everything and give off an enviable chic-streetwear vibe. Say what you will about the guy, but there’s a reason Kanye hasn’t been seen in anything other than beige and cream since 2013.

There are so many fire neutral pieces on the market right now that’ll help you embody the fashion killer of your dreams – so, here’s how to style them like a complete boss and bin floral prints for good.

Layer Like A Pro

Layering is a simple technique, yet powerful enough to give off the vibe that you’re primed and ready for a spontaneous photo opp at Milan Fashion Week at all times.

Earthy tones are perfect for this because they work so harmoniously together, and are versatile enough to exude both effortless Sunday-brunch cool as well as night-out-on-the-town bougie.

Piecing together an outfit that combines subtle shades of green, caramel and sand are great for winter-to-spring transitions and can add depth and character to literally any look.

Obviously, we’re not saying go full Joey from Friends ‘could I be wearing any more clothes’-scenario – keep it simple to let each individual piece shine.

Big layering no-no

For example, layering a soft green belted blazer, with a pair of tailored pants and fresh white kicks is a guaranteed way to achieve that whole ‘played-down’ look whilst still stunning an entire room. Opting for a base layer like a fine knit or silk blouse also slays for an ultra-business chic look, and balancing it out with a wide pant can dress it down for a more casual look.

Overall, think about the neutral tones you’ve selected, the textures and fit of each piece, layer according to what suits you best, and let the compliments roll in.

Neutral tones

Oroton Window Pane Check Blazer ($599)

Play With Texture And Shape

2020 has definitely lent itself to extended periods in soft leisurewear, so it’s probably time to make the transition out of hoodies and trackies into something with a little more structure.

Neutral tones are super understated, so playing with different shapes can assist in taking the whole look to the next level. Don’t be afraid of ultra-stark shoulders, angular cuts or wide tees – the beauty of playing with structure is that you can use it to accentuate whatever your most flawless features are (which we’re sure there are many).

Straight legged, light-coloured paper bag trousers can give off the illusion of height, whilst anything crisp, asymmetrical or even pleated will showcase that you’re just a little more sophisticated than most – especially when dripping in a gorgeous off-white tone. Playing on proportions is also an effective way to amp up the dynamics in a look, like wearing an oversized coat and pairing with a smaller crossbody bag.

Texture is also a huge here – accenting your whole look with a statement material like a creamy lace or linen, and offsetting it with something more laid back like cotton is another way to get your neutrals popping.

Oroton Minna Zip Around Crossbody ($229)

Don’t Be Afraid To Add A Colourful Lil Pop

Since neutral tones are so easy on the eye, they provide the perfect foundation to add surprise little pop of colour somewhere in your outfit. Shades of mint green, or pale lemon are an easy win here.

Putting together an all-beige suit, and pairing it with with a statement piece like Oroton’s Long Sleeve PJ Stripe Shirt in peppermint is the ultimate power move.

Wear this and never be underestimated again.

It’s equivalent of wearing a business-in-the-front-party-in-the back look, except you don’t have to subject yourself to copping a mullet (unless that’s your vibe, then totally go for that).

Oroton Long Sleeve Peppermint Stripe Shirt ($279)

Accessorise The Heck Out Of It

Putting together an outfit and dressing up is meant to be fun. At the end of the day, it’s all about expressing yourself, and showing the world who you are. Seriously, there aren’t many better feelings than stepping out of the house in an outfit you’ve pieced together that you know encompasses your whole ~vibe~ perfectly.

Neutral tones

Oroton The Grace Sunglasses in Black ($185)

Accessorising is a huge part of this – it’s literally the icing and decorating of the delicious cake that is your wardrobe, and can take a fit from being a little run-of-the-mill to 100% YOU.

Zhuzing up a neutral-toned outfit with a chunky pair of gold hoop earrings and a few chains is the easiest way to take a look from day-to-nighttime appropriate.

The importance of a structured little bag or a classic pair of tortoise-shell sunnies cannot be understated, however, there are no rules with this, it’s truly up to you.

Oroton Florence Large Huggie ($59.95)

So, go wild and indulge in your greatest fashion-fantasies because nothing says confidence like completely owning a look – and don’t forget to kick any temptations to wear a floral print to the nearest curb.

Image: The Devil Wears Prada / Oroton