PEDESTRIAN.TV has partnered with New Balance to give your wardrobe a streetwear zhuzh.

2021 is truly serving when it comes to streetwear looks.

After 2020 had us cooped up and unable to show off our latest cop, there are a bunch of bold looks trending right now that cater to everyone – from hardcore streetwear lifers to even the most casual of sneakerheads.

One of the best parts of streetwear (and the looks that are dominating 2021) is that they’re so versatile – it’s not all just sweats and hoodies, so you can style elements up and down depending on the occasion or whatever your personal flare is.

If you’re looking to spice up your wardrobe, here are 4 streetwear trends you’ve probably seen take over IG recently.

The ’70s Retro Vibe

The ’70s were the coolest decade ever, and 2021 has signified a huge rebirth of all the style trends that defined the time. Fluffy curtain bangs (aka, Farrah Fawcett-do) has dominated IT-girl TikTok, Gen Z giving skinny jeans the kiss of death they deserve has ushered in a new era for flared-pants, and patterned, chunky sweater vests are the must-have piece of outerwear of this year.

While your streetwear staples like sweats and hoodies might not be a ’70s vibe entirely, opting for a worn-in, vintage College-print crewneck and wide-leg tracksuit bottoms or jeans is an effortless way to incorporate the trend, especially when layering up for winter (coziness is always a must).

You can top off the outfit with a pair of super wearable sneakers like the new, versatile 237 kicks that New Balance have just dropped. They pay homage to the silhouettes they made popular in the 70s, while still keeping with modern streetwear looks, making it perfect to add to your rotation as an every day, effortlessly stylish shoe.

You can suss multiple colourways available in the collection – some are blocked with throwback, vibrant tones, while others will have you sorted in staple neutrals like grey and black, making them an ultra-versatile sneaker. They’re all detailed with a cool suede lining to give it a real chef’s-kiss finish. You can check them out on the New Balance website or cop them from The ICONIC or Platypus to round out your 2021 collection.

Brown Basics

I know this may offend the Dan Andrews stans in the room, but when Kendall Jenner wore ~that~ brown North Face puffer last year, the earth shifted on its axis and made way for brown hues to completely take over. While neutral tones like cream, tan and earthy green have been a huge part of streetwear over the last few years, 2021 has truly brought brown to the forefront.

Friends, brown is the black of 2021, and I implore you to shop all your streetwear basics – tank tops, tees, puffer jackets, workwear pants and more – in the endlessly cool tone. It might be an overwhelming colour to introduce to your rotation at first if you’re generally a sucker for black, white and grey, but you’ll be catching compliments left, right and centre. You can round out the look with sneakers too (because they’re the centrepiece of ~every~ streetwear outfit), by copping a pair of cream/grey kicks (like the New Balance 237’s), to ensure you’re comfy and stylish all day, every day.

If you’re fascinated by the trend, there’s actually a deeper societal and psychological meaning to brown fashion’s popularity right now. ‘Minimalist’ colours and trends (like brown) generally come to the forefront of fashion during times of economic and social downturn and uncertainty – a few factors which truly encompass the experience of the last year, so it makes sense as to why it’s so huge right now.

Statement Textures & Colours

While brown hues are on-trend right now, statement textures and colours are also having their moment too.

It’s 2021, and after being bogged down by everything life could’ve possibly thrown us in the last year, it’s time we throw away all our inhibitions and completely express ourselves in every way possible. The best way to do that? Rep bold colours, patterns and textures that scream individuality.

Whether it’s a fuzzy green cardigan, a pair of velour tracksuits or even something as simple as corduroy, it’s the best way to make an outfit entirely your own look. Take the look all the way by rounding out your outfit with a pair of kicks that either clash or match texturally (the New Balance 237’s suede finish is perf for this) to show off just how on-trend you are. After all, fashion, dressing up and putting together is all about having fun and expressing yourself, so why not go all out?

Bold Accessories

Last but not least, it’s time to accessorise. Accessories are everything and can take a plain outfit to a whole new level. Luckily in the streetwear world, you can go as straightforward or crazy as you want because there are so many ways to dress up a basic outfit.

Fuzzy Bermuda-style or terry-towelling bucket hats are everywhere this year, so stocking up in a few different colours is a good way to keep your outfits fresh. Investing in a staple bumbag, and a smooth chain can easily take a basic tee to the next level, and even picking out a few pairs of socks to give your sneakers the partner they deserve is an easy way to accessorise too.

You can suss out the rest of New Balance’s 237 collection here

Image: Instagram / New Balance