31 Y.O. Woman Who Fell From Bridge During London Attack Dies After 16 Days

The Romanian tourist who fell into the Thames during the London terror attack has died in hospital.
Relatives made the difficult decision to switch off 31-year-old Andreea Cristea‘s life support today. 
Her family and partner released a statement to the press, which reads in part:
“After fighting for her life for over two weeks, our beloved and irreplaceable Andreea – wonderful daughter, sister, partner, dedicated friend and the most unique and life loving person you can imagine – was cruelly and brutally ripped away from our lives in the most heartless and spiritless way. 

“She will always be remembered as our shining ray of light that will forever keep on shining in our hearts.”
Funds raised by the public for Cristea’s medical treatment will now be donated to charity. 
The death toll from the attack now stands at six.
Source: 9NEWS.
Image: Supplied.