25,000 People Told To Evacuate Mackay Before Midnight As Cyclone Looms

Tropical Cyclone Debbie is fast bearing down on the north Queensland coast, and more than 25,000 people living in the impact zone have been told they need to evacuate before midnight tonight. 
Residents in low-lying areas are at risk of tidal wave-like inundation by storm swells that could reach up to 2.5m above the high tide mark. 

Queensland Police Service Commissioner Ian Stewart told the ABC:
“The range of inundation may be as much as 0.8 metres above highest astronomical tide [HAT] or worst case scenario 2.5 metres above HAT.

“We’re asking people who can move out of those low-lying areas to move now. Don’t wait until tomorrow, because you will not be able to move. 

“We’re asking people to take those precautions and move now.”
The Bureau of Meteorology is predicting Cyclone Debbie will hit land between Ayr and Cape Hillsborough, north of Mackay, as a category four – one category lower than the 2011 destructo-storm Yasi, but still powerful enough to do a lot of damage. 

Debbie should make landfall at about 10am tomorrow morning. If you’re in the affected region, we kindly suggest you get the fuck out of there, and be sure to help any neighbours who might need assistance also getting the fuck out of there.
Source: ABC.
Image: BOM.