17 Y.O. Trans Activist Gavin Grimm Cracks Time’s 100 Most Influential List

Each year, 100 folks are picked up by Time Magazine for their notable work that year. Divided into categories like ‘titans’, ‘icons’ and ‘pioneers’, the people that are given the nod for being influential range from world leaders (not necessarily *good* ones), to elite athletes, iconic artists, musicians, and scientists.

This year, Gavin Grimm has been highlighted for his incredible work of bringing transgender rights to the forefront of gender politics, through his unending pressure against his school board in Virginia, USA for banning him from using his preferred bathroom. 
His move to sue the Gloucester County School Board for sex discrimination sparked a fuck-off huge debate around one of the most personal moments of our day – where we go to pee.
It’s also kicked off massive protests around the US and the world, calling for change to protect trans youth and bring transgender rights into the universal human rights spotlight.
Gavin’s inclusion in the 100 Most Influential also makes him the youngest person on the list at the ripe age of 17, proving that there’s no minimum age to be a game-changer – all you have to do is stick to your guns and move boldly into conversations and debates where others are unable to tread.
After the announcement, Gavin took to his Twitter with a short but powerful message.

Hell yeah, Gav. Go you good thing.

Source: TIME.
Photo: Getty / The Washington Post.