Win 1 Of 10 $300 Gift Packs That’ll Have You Feeling Swanky & Scented On Your Nights In

We’re all yearning for a little more ~zest~ in life at the moment.

While comforts like ordering in, falling into bizarre YouTube rabbit holes and marathon sessions of The Last Of Us Part II have been essential for survival during lockdown, there’s just something missing.

Since we’re all hanging out for a bit of midnight romance or bar-hopping serendipity, we’re giving away 10 x $300 prize packs to assist you in the process of remembering what it’s like to be a total bougie freak again.

WIN 1 Of 10 $300 Gift Packs That’ll Have You Feeling Swanky & Scented On Your Nights In

The pack includes a bottle of fashion icon Jean Paul Gaultier’s newest fragrance on the market, ‘Le Male Le Parfum’, as well as a $150 Myer gift card – the perfect combo required to re-spark your mojo. The perfume is laced with hypnotic notes of cardamom, vanilla and lavender, and was inspired by the vigour of old-timey French sailors, so it’s basically the ultimate alpha scent.

Take a squizz at the chic as heck bottle:

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Dousing yourself in expensive cologne and revamping your wardrobe with well-tailored pieces is a surefire way to shake any house-bound icks you might be having at the moment, so we suggest entering ASAP.

All you’ve got to do to be in the running is explain to us in 25 words or less how you’ve been spicing your nights up at home (in the entry form above). Jean Paul Gaultier also recently ran their very own campaign asking punters how they’ve been spicing up their iso-nights that you can suss out here.

So, whether you’ve been simply lighting a candle with dinner to up the ambience or have indulged in the art of 3-hatted French cooking, give us a look into your iso-nights and we’ll judge just how exemplary your stay-in style is.

We’re absolutely on the hunt for some primo inspo, so good luck.