Looking for a unique way to remind people to adhere to social distancing? Well, look no further than this man at Bunnings, who has gone viral for his iconic “1.5 metres, c*nt” hoodie.

Captured shopping at Melbourne’s Northland Bunnings store, the hoodie eloquently reminds you to keep your bloody distance. 1.5 metres, to be precise.

Obviously, if you’re in Melbourne, you should be staying home wherever possible. But if you *do* need to leave the house, you might want to invest in one of these to remind people to stay at least 1.5m away.

The photo quickly went viral on the r/straya and r/melbourne subreddits, with many replying with their own anecdotes of people blatantly ignoring social distancing protocol.

Gotta love Northlands Bunnings. from r/straya

“I needed one of these jumpers at Aldi the other day, can’t believe there are still daft bastards crowding you at the checkout,” one redditor shared.

“Given people’s lack of distancing in the area, I’m surprised they’re not giving these hoodies away for free,” another added.

For the measly price of $69.99, you too can rock a “1.5 metres c*nt” hoodie, courtesy of Far Kew Emporium (get it? Far Kew). If you *really* want people to stay out of your personal space, you can also get a “two metres, c*nt” option.

Or, if you’re feeling a little more PG, they have a “1.5 metres, idiot” version as part of their coronavirus survival range, which also includes a “don’t fucking touch me” shirt and other clever merch items. You know, because even a pandemic is an excuse for a slogan tee.

1.5 metres hoodie

While the merch is all a bit of fun, the actual coronavirus *really* not fun. Restrictions vary from state to state, but please try your hardest to abide by them.

Image: Reddit