Someone once said, “We wait all week for Friday, all year for summer, all life for happiness” and that, mates, is some eye-opening stuff.

Too many of us spend our time waiting and talking about a “someday” that may never exist when it comes to our career or passion. It’s what stands between those who live a life unrealised and those who chase them dreams like good-looking tail.

Stop procrastinating. Stop making excuses. START LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE. Keep reading to find out how you can turn those hollow reasons for not hustling upside down and be a bloody go-getter.


We know you’re busy but guess what? So’s everyone. You have to find the time because it’s there, you’re just using it on other things like watching Netflix.

Start small by just taking 10 minutes every day to look into your big ol’ dream and make it a priority. Don’t let yourself go to bed until you’ve done it. Like a lot of things in life, the hardest part is the initial step.


Now that you’ve found the time to allocate towards your goal, use it to map out a game plan so that you can actually kick things off. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be a thorough business plan.

Bite the bullet with a simple to-do list that breaks down what initally may seem huge into smaller parts which can be ticked off one by one. You’ll be far less overwhelmed if you feel like you’re moving forward with your prospects.


The whole “You’ve gotta spend money to make money” idea is mostly true, unfortunately. While there are ways to get around this (loans, budgeting, social sacrifices, taking on another job), wouldn’t it be great if a wad of cash landed in your pocket?


This is a classic excuse – you feel like your idea is more likely to thrive should you have more money under your belt, a flexible job and an in-order lifestyle all-round. You could be waiting forever. Thing is, you’re probably whipping this one out because you’re comfortable in your current sitch. As humans, we’re scared of change. That’s why so many of us keep dating bad humans – it’s all we know, you know? Just like a SNAG, a better job and life is awaiting you. You just gotta grow some balls first.

We’ve covered the most common setbacks we ahem, make up to stop ourselves from hustling the way we know we can, but as wise Cady Heron famously said, “The limit does not exist”. We’ll always find a way out of giving life and our careers the best shot possible.

Know this: for any excuse you may have, there’s always a way around that preventative Bull. You’ve just got to see your procrastination for what it is and take a nice, proud poo on it.

Image: Sex & The City