Going to the cinemas is a bittersweet experience. It’s great because seeing Chris Pratt‘s glorious face on a ginormous screen, or snuggling up to your loved one while watching a scary movie, is amazing. It sucks because a movie ticket can set you back up to $25 a pop – and that’s before you add in the cost of popcorn, drinks, 3D glasses, and going over your local shopping centre’s three hours of free parking.

Aussie startup CinemaClub, however, want to change that. Launching soon, they’re hoping to Make Movie Going Great Again with a pretty ballsy claim. Simply, they’re following the model put forward by the gym class service ClassPass and streaming mainstay Netflix: All the movies you can watch, for one low flat fee a month of around $35 a month.

And, yes, they’ve supposedly gotten the major cinema chains on-board.

Speaking with PEDESTRIAN.TV, CinemaClub have said their plan is a direct reaction to the changing habits. “Millennials today are avoiding the cinema for cheaper alternatives due to high prices and inflexible offerings,” marketing director James Farrell said.

“What we do is make cinema an easy to reach and regular activity again. Our members get incredible value and we hope this is something that can really propel the Australian cinema industry”

While they’re light on details at the moment, they’ve noted that it will be limited and conditional for the time being. Only 1000 “memberships” are being offered, you can only go once a day, and the trial run will only be for weekday sessions.

It’s a similar model to one that’s currently making headlines in the USA. There, a company called MoviePass (helmed by former Netflix head honcho Mitch Lowe) is aiming to do a similar thing to their gargantuan movie theatre market, and is causing all sorts of waves in the industry, both good and bad.

For now, if you are interested in possibly saving some real dosh when heading to the cinemas, you can sign up HERE.

Image: La La Land