An Aussie firm that you may have unknowingly signed up with has secured the largest round of investment funding of any local start-up in 2017.

Rokt, the Sydney-founded company behind all of those pop-ups offering you extra deals and offers once you complete a transaction online, has closed its latest funding round with a cool $34.5M. 

That’s bloody right. Chances are, if you’ve punched your details into a popup after buying something on eBay, Gumtree, Live Nation, Ticketmaster, or even Domino’s, Rokt would have built the form.

Evidently, a whole bunch of people think that there’s money to be made in convincing you to buy even more stuff online, and Rokt seems like it’s in a pretty good space to capitalise on that.

As for what the firm plans to do with all of that cash, an expansion into Europe and a strengthening of its US grasp is planned for the upcoming year. Pop-ups for everyone. Pop-ups worldwide. Deals for everyone, baby.

Now, if you excuse us, we’re gonna buy some VS Commodore mags on the cheap via eBay, in the hopes some fucken’ grouse deal pops up after payment goes through.

Source: Australian Financial Review.
Photo: Google Chrome Developers / YouTube.