The Best NBA Prospect Since LeBron Now Plays For The… New Orleans Pelicans?

Before we chat about today’s NBA Draft, I feel it’s important to talk about PEDESTRIAN.TV‘s own team. Right now, our go-to basketball writer and Melbourne managing editor Cam Tyeson is organising the team’s office move. Here’s a photo of him in the new digs, most likely contemplating where our office hoop will go:

As such, he is currently unable to report on the 2019 NBA Draft, which I have inferred is essentially Christmas for the league. I’ve volunteered on his behalf.

My knowledge of the sport is limited – thanks to Cam, I know what “board man gets paid” means – but even I know that Zion Williamson is the absolute dude. And now Williamson has been drafted as the #1 overall pick by the New Orleans Pelicans, surprising absolutely nobody with even the slightest interest in the sport.

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The former Duke power forward, 18, was snapped up by the franchise after being hyped as the most exciting prospect since LeBron James himself. The bloke even wore an all-white suit during proceedings, a sly nod to the threads King James wore during the 2003 draft.

He joins the team with immense expectations placed upon him and every chance of meeting them. After all, the guy’s skills in offense and defense, plus his frankly awe-inspiring athleticism, mean it’ll take some cosmically bad luck for him to turn into anything but a superstar.

#2 overall: Ja Morant, the point guard who helped power Murray State to the second round of the 2019 NCAA men’s tournament, who is heading to the Memphis Grizzlies. 

With the #3 pick, the New York Knicks scooped up Williamson’s Duke teammate, shooting guard R.J. Barrett. Although Knicks fans desperately hoped they would secure the #1 pick in the Draft lottery, Barrett is hardly a bloody slouch.

Virginia’s De’Andre Hunter, who was named Defensive Player of the Year, is heading to the Atlanta Hawks as the #4 overall pick, while Vanderbilt‘s free-scoring Darius Garland is heading over to the Cleveland Cavaliers as #5 overall.

As for Cam, his impressive scouting report and penchant for telling people to “get Jingled” means selection by the Utah Jazz is imminent. You can read up on all the draft results here.