The YouTubers Behind That AFL Grand Final Streaking Stunt Have Made A Tiny Non-Apology

Marty and Michael

YouTubers Marty and Michael have doubled down on their short burst of fame by posting an entire video documenting the before and after of their AFL Grand Final stunt.

The video shows they had planned to interrupt the AFL Grand Final at the Gabba quite sometime before the actual event, with the sole intentions of scoring a goal on the field. It also documents the pair buying and designing special shirts with their names on them for the occasion, and going to ‘training’ for their stunt.

“It’s always been a childhood dream of mine to kick a goal at the AFL Grand Final, and Michael’s always dreamt of being arrested,” jokes Marty at the beginning of the YouTube video.

At the end of the clip is also an apology of sorts to everyone who “got offended”.

“Sorry to anyone who got offended. We didn’t realise the ball was so close to us. We purposely went when the ball was down the other end, but it got up to us pretty quick, and at the end of the day, it’s the end of the day,” says Marty.

The prank caused quite a storm on the day of the AFL Grand Final, with security having to tackle them down on the field.

Ultimately we can see that the pair walked away unscathed from the event just after being kicked out, and were still in relatively good spirits.

There was quite a bit of speculation at the time as to who the hell these two were and why they were wearing shirts that said “Marty and Michael,” but of course, the answer is always prank YouTubers looking to get noticed somehow (which worked, because here we are, talking about them right now.)

Guys, if you’re gonna streak, at least take the clothes off.

The duo is currently promising “hours of raw, deleted footage” in the “extended version” of this video on their website, which is available free for 21 days until you have to start forking out $5 a month for more unrestricted pranking content. Hey, if that’s your thing, it’s available for you. Totally not judging.

But if that isn’t your thing, then we always have this four-minute explainer video.