You Guys, Shane Warne Is Having A Tough Time On Tinder

One of the biggest hassles in the relatively unexplored field of celebrity online dating is getting people to believe you’re actually who you say you are – if you spend every day and night trawling Tinder, as Shane Warne apparently does, this can get to be a real problem.
In a recent and, it goes without saying, incredible interview with The Times Magazine, the still single and very much ready to mingle Warney opened up about the difficulties he and his mystery balls have faced since signing up for the service.
He claims that he initially signed up to Tinder “for a laugh”, to which we can only really say sure, mate, whatever you say:
“Midnight or one o’clock in the morning, me and a lot of my mates are sitting around the bar after a long day playing, and everyone was talking about these different apps, Grindr, Tinder,” he told the publication.

“I said, no. But we got on the App Store, joined up.”

Since then, the former test cricketer says he’s had a couple of dates, one okay and one not so much. The biggest hurdle is getting people to believe that he’s not actually some knobhead impersonating Shane Warne.
“I go, ‘OK, yeah, I am,’” he told the interviewer. “And then they go, ‘No! It’s really you!’ And you go, ‘OK, it is.’ And then they go, ‘No, it’s not!’ So I’m on there for the fun value.”
Warne, who long ago learned to crush the art of the sultry selfie, reckons that he is looking for the right lady to “chill” with him, should she be out there somewhere, swiping right.
“I’ve got three wonderful kids; I’m having fun; I don’t feel like I need it,” he said. “But it gets quite lonely at times, when you travel all the time.” 
“[There are] one or two nights a week when you haven’t got your kids and you haven’t got your mates, and you just want to chill. It’s nice to share things with someone.”
How could you say no to this?
Pity Mariah‘s taken. Can you even imagine?
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Photo: Robert Prezioso via Getty Images