You Don’t Have To Be An NRL Player To Be A Sexist Twit

The Canterbury Bulldogs received a proper tanning in the media for some pretty average behavior in the wake of their grand-final loss to Melbourne Storm. It reflected poorly not only on the Bulldogs as club, but on the NRL as a whole. In light of recent sexism scandals involving our opposition leader Tony Abbott and Parliamentary Speaker Peter Slipper, we thought it a appropriate to point out that it’s not only NRL players who are naughty boys with potty mouths and shitty attitudes. Here’s a few more:

San Francisco Giants
completed one of the great Baseball comebacks last week after trailing the best of five series 2-0 against the Cincinnati Reds in the play-offs. Celebrations ensued, and off-colour sexist prime-time comments were made by star pitcher Tim Lincecum who claimed he ‘knew what chicks felt like‘ after getting sprayed in the face with champagne. You stay classy Tim.

The Olympics threw up some world class displays of sexism. Leisel Jones knows a thing or two about objectification after she was heavily chastised in the media about her weight despite her commendable performances (a fifth in her 3rd games). There were plenty of ‘is there something lost in translation’ moments, particularly with the South Korean coverage where there seemed to be more emphasis placed on female competitors looks rather than their performance.

Yelana Isinbayeva is said to be the greatest female pole-vaulter of all time, yet after her final performance (capturing a silver) the studio broadcasters spoke little of this. Instead they focused on her appearance. “Yelena Isinbayeva is much more beautiful than most athletes so to see her move on from competition is somewhat disappointing.”
via Korea and the World

via Korea and the World

In January last year, former Scottish striker and Sky Sports commentator Andy Grey fell for the ol’ thought we were off air trick as he lambasted female linesmen Sian Massey claiming ‘women don’t understand the offside rule‘. After a brief analysis, her call was deemed to be the correct one.

And last but not least, in 2007 US sports pundit Don Imus thought he’d throw racism AND sexism into the mix when we described the Rutgers University girls as ‘nappy-headed ho’s’. Wow!

Till the next crass sexually charged sporting controversy…