Pro-wrestling is kind of a weird miracle in that it allows you to see some unfathomably wild shit: A legitimate Olympic Gold Medalist throwing the son of a billionaire through a large pane of glass, an undead wizard launching a loveable and goofy psychopath off the roof of a 2o-foot cage, a 77-year-old woman having an affair with a 400-pound man nicknamed “Sexual Chocolate” and giving birth to a hand. But this yarn featuring a burned up demon from hell who was once accused (in canon) of fucking a dead girl, might just take the cake.

Kane, one of the all-time greatest and most memorable characters the WWE has ever conceived, just won an election to become Mayor of a county in the US state of Tennessee.

The man behind the mask’s real name is Glenn Jacobs, and he just won the race to become the new Mayor of Knox County.

Jacobs, who has portrayed the Kane character since 1998 and has claimed the WWF Championship and World Heavyweight Championship on one occasion each, scored a runaway victory in the election over Democrat opponent Linda Haney. Some polls had the margin of victory at a staggering 2:1.

Kane’s foray into politics has been a long time coming, and his campaign for Republican nomination (he’s deeply conservative) began in March of 2017.

In footage that’s absolutely going to rattle your brain, here’s Glenn Jacobs – a man who once Tombstoned a 55-year-old woman on live TV – delivering a bog-standard by-the-numbers US political campaign video.

Note the flame decal and the “lighting the way for our future” campaign slogan. Incredible.

Jacobs – who once electrocuted the testicles of Shane McMahon on live TV – has stated he is committed full-time to the mayoral position, meaning his WWE commitments will take something of a back seat. Although in recent times he has only been wrestling a reduced workload anyway.

For what it’s worth, this is the third time a major WWE star has claimed political office in the United States.

Jesse “The Body” Ventura quite famously rose to the office of Governor of Minnesota in a bombshell election win, serving as the state’s top figure from 1999 until 2003.

Linda McMahon, as you’re probably aware, currently serves in President Donald Trump‘s cabinet as the head of the Small Business Administration. That position follows two exorbitantly expensive and unsuccessful attempts to run for the US Senate.

So there you have it. Kane, who can summon fire by waving his arms real quick, is the Mayor of a major county in the US.

WWE Legend Kane, A Demon From Hell, Just Got Elected Mayor In Tennessee

His arms are his policies, and the fire is lowered taxes.

Source: Yahoo!
Image: Getty Images / Chris Ryan