WWE Fans Go Ballistic About That Thing That Happened To Brock Lesnar Today

The headline’s vague, we know. But given that WWE‘s pay-per-view events happen on a Monday morning in Australian time, and that a lot of you… y’know… work, we figured we’d be kind and at least *try* and preserve some of the surprise for those of you keen on dodging any spoilers until you can watch it at a reasonable hour.

So consider this a big, ole’ fashioned toot of the SPOILER HORN.
And it’s a big’un, too.
If you’ve gotten this far through the day, turn away.
Seriously. Close your laptop. Shut down your computer. Jam your earphones in, turn the music – not the radio – up loud. And head home to fire up your WWE Network subscription immediately.
Because if you keep reading here, things are going to get spoiled for you in a big hurry.
Don’t say we didn’t warn you.
Last chance to back out.

Alright. Here we go.
Though rumour has been swirling around the internet all week after workout photos began appearing and mentions of his name ramped up on WWE programming, today’s WWE Battleground PPV put all speculation to bed.
During the main event WWE World Heavyweight Championship match between incumbent champion Seth Rollins and challenger Brock Lesnar, Lesnar looked to have things well and truly in the bag. Largely dominating Rollins for the majority of the match – suplexing him multiple times and delivering a signature F5 – Lesnar drifted into a cover that would have stitched up the title for him once again…
…and then the lights went out and a familiar “GONG” echoed through the arena.
The Undertaker returned, for the first time since WrestleMania 31, confronting the man who 18 months ago conquered the much fabled undefeated WrestleMania streak.
You can watch the return here for yourself. Drop. Hold on. Until the shaking stops.

If you happen to be reading this after the WWE’s remarkably swift legal team has successfully nuked that video, there’s also a Vine version of it (because the Internet CANNOT BE STOPPED).

Wrestling fans watching live summarily lost their ever-loving shit. And in record time, this guy’s familiar face was plastered back all over social media.

All things now point towards Lesnar vs Taker II going down at this year’s SummerSlam, scheduled to take place on August 24th (Australian time) at the Barclays Centre in Brooklyn, New York.

Huge if true.