Willie Rioli May Have Tried Pouring Energy Drink Into Bungled Urine Sample, Reports Claim

New allegations have surfaced regarding West Coast Eagle star Willie Rioli‘s bungled drug test, with emerging reports the AFL gun may have substituted a urine sample with an energy drink.

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Citing an unnamed source with apparent knowledge of the situation, The Herald Sun reports Rioli tried to pour a liquid, which may have been an energy drink, into a urine sample container during his August 20 drug test.

The Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA) ultimately found the sample to have an “adverse analytical finding”, signalling the substance wasn’t actually urine.

Rioli was handed a provisional suspension after the discovery, and will remain sidelined during tonight’s pivotal clash against Geelong.

He’ll remain off the pitch until ASADA and the AFL finalise their investigation. If he is found to have tampered with the sample, he could face a maximum ban of four years.

ABC reports out-of-competition drug testing is strict, and requires participants to lift their shirts, lower their pants, and remain in full observance of the drug testers for the duration of the process.

But speaking to The Herald Sun, former ASADA chief Richard Ings said officials on the ground let substitution attempts play out, only to report them later.

“The attempt to substitute is a violation in itself so the doping control officer will simply collect the sample, report the incident and leave it for the authorities at ASADA to investigate,” Ings said.

Rioli has travelled to Darwin to be with his family as the review takes place, the paper reports.