Western Bulldog Tom Liberatore Is Having The Loosest Off-Season Trip Ever

So you just won an AFL Premiership. And a highly unlikely one at that. You’ve probably well-earned a little off-season bender somewhere warm and beachy with no 7Sport cameras around to scrutinise your every bump and bruise.

Even still, you’re absolutely not going to be doing things as well as certified legend Tom Liberatore is doing right now.
Libba, whose off-season antics arguably started about 15 minutes after the final siren rang out on the Western Bulldogs improbable and inspirational AFL Grand Final win with this ridiculously loose/hilarious boundary-line fan interview…

…has reportedly skipped the country for his time-off and has been hanging out in Vietnam.
But because the pull of footy is often too great for even an AFL premiership player to resist, Libba has been repeatedly spotted on the sidelines at the on-going AFL Asia Cup getting absolutely stuck the fuck into a few ice cold Froth Monsters.
And, hell. It’s hot over there in Vietnam. And bloody sticky too. So excess hair on the head is really more of a burden than anything else.
Fortunate he was then that someone with a giant pair of snips was there to sheer off a few curly locks for the big mahn, with Libba opting for the classically fashionable “Friar Tuck” look.

If that by itself weren’t enough, he definitely put a couple of wrinkles in coach Luke Beveridge‘s forehead by suiting up for the mighty Macau Lightning to spike down a few hellish-looking hitouts before wheeling around on the left sandshoe and slotting one from 50.

We know you can’t poll in the Brownlow Medal outside of the Home & Away season, but if there was a best & fairest for the off-season, Libba would deadset have it stitched up ten times over.

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Source: Twitter.
Photos: Quinn Rooney/Getty, Twitter.