Be real, not many of you would’ve tipped this.

The Oklahoma City Thunder have turned the race for the NBA Championship on its head, after steamrolling their way through the highly-fancied perennial contenders San Antonio Spurs in 6 games to advance to the Western Conference Finals.

After conceding a 2-1 deficit early in the series, the Thunder rallied to rattle off three consecutive games against the Spurs to clinch the series, giving the Spurs the unenviable record of having the second most wins without making the NBA Finals in NBA history.

Game 6 turned out to be a reasonably one-sided affair, with OKC dominating the scoring presence for virtually the entire game.

Kevin Durant lead the way with a game-high 37 points, ably backed up by his partner-in-crime Russell Westbrook who dropped 28.

Interestingly enough, the game could represent the last time we see the evergreen Spurs take the floor in their current form; it’s strongly rumoured that the game could be the last for both Tim Duncan (who at 40 is staring retirement right in the face) and Manu Ginobili, who would likely walk out the door if Duncan did indeed decide to hang it up.

However, the internet isn’t quite ready to fully sympathise with Spurs fans just yet, and the Crying Michael Jordan memes have been raining down from the heavens.

For the Thunder, a trip to the Oracle Arena and a new series against the megalithic Golden State Warriors and their MVP Steph Curry is next.

And the way the playoffs, and this season in general have been playing out, who bloody knows what’s in store for that one.

All we know is that it’s gonna be hellishly fun to watch.


Photo: J Pat Carter/Getty.