Wimbledon is the weirdest tournament in tennis, and the escapades of a women’s doubles match yesterday are all the proof you need. In short: yes, middle-aged male punters can hop the barrier and face service from a Grand Slam champ, but they better be wearing white. 

After an audible heckle from the crowd about where she should place her serve, legendary player Kim Clijsters singled out the voice in question – belonging to one Chris Quinn – and asked him if he thought he could face one. 

Instead of shutting the hell up, Quinn ambled down to the grass. One of Clijster’s opponents gamely held out her racquet, and just like that, the fella was standing opposite the three-time US Open winner.

Miraculously, Quinn wasn’t instantly suplexed by Wimbledon security, but his colourful outfit did present a problem. The tournament stipulates players must wear all white. Fortunately, Clijsters had some spare kit. Moments later, Quinn was in a skirt.

With the bloke suited up, Clijsters would up for the body serve Quinn had so loudly asked for. She let loose, and he actually managed to return it. His next shot? Not so flash, but hey.

Cue some more levity that seems completely antithetical to the tournament. What a time.


FWIW, Clijsters and Aussie teammate Rennae Stubbs went on to win the match 6-2, 7-5. No, we’re not entirely sure how the thing was allowed to continue, either. 

Quinn was pretty amped on the whole deal, though: 

Maybe he’ll remember to bring his own skirt in 2018.

Source: The Telegraph.
Photo: Wimbledon / YouTube.