There are several valuable insights to be gained from Jahlil Okafor’s latest street-fight video, which comes less than a fortnight after his first on-camera bust-up.

One: The Philadelphia 76ers baller “has money, you broke-ass bitch.”

Two: The 19-year-old rookie already has a penchant for punching on, and loudly telling the world exactly who he is while doing so.

Three: The standard of street-fight cinematography could be greatly improved.

The footage apparently shows the NBA young gun laying out some dude who had the gall to “disrespect one of the best players” in the league. Perhaps if Okafor brought as much gusto to his game as he did to street fights, his team might have more than one win this season. 

Leave it on the court, boys. 

Source: TMZ.

Photo: Mitchell Leff via Getty/Youtube.