WATCH: Timmy Cahill’s 1st A-League Goal Is Only A World-Class Screamer, NBD

He’s done it for Everton. He’s done it for New York Red Bulls. He’s most definitely done it for Australia, and… look, he’s also done it for a few months in China, but Tim goddamn Cahill has just rattled the A-League net for the first time with Melbourne City.

And it might just be one of the most powerful Tim Cahill goals of all time (excluding his headers, that is).

Playing his first league game for the club in none other than the local derby against Melbourne Victory, the 36-year-old (but evidently ageless) forward capitalised on a loose ball in the 27th minute.

By “capitalised,” we mean thunderpunted that sucker from what some experts like to call “the midfield,” before watching it sail out of reach of Victory’s keeper Lawrence Thomas. 

Words alone don’t really do this one justice, so we implore you to gaze upon his greatness right now:

Shortly after, teammate Bruno Fornaroli managed to sneak one of his own, but let’s be real: even though it’s only Round 2, it’s highly unlikely a better goal is going to be scored in the comp all season.

Enjoy seeing this man practice his craft on home soil while you can, Australia.
Source: Fox Sports. 
Photo: Rbert Cianfione / Getty.