In all honesty, prank videos provide enough second-hand embarrassment to give us an outbreak of hives. There’s precious little to be gained from badgering passers-by to bolster your YouTube following, and the satisfaction of fooling a crowd into believing you’re somebody much more important than you are seems inherently self-defeating. 

But, when you look this much like MMA superstar Conor McGregor, you may as well try to have a little fun with it.

Incredibly fit unit and calisthenics pro Islam Badurgov teamed up with YouTubers Muscle Madness for a video which may just violate our rule about actually enjoying #content like this, based purely on the accuracy of his portrayal. They even got his cauliflower ears and bloody big tattoos (mostly) right. 

The only two problem with this otherwise-accurate cosplay: Badurgov is a fair bit more staunch than the real deal, and, uh, doesn’t quite have an Irish accent.

Night night.

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In any case, imagine being swole enough to even attempt this kind of thing. Maybe the whole genre of prank videos is worthwhile, ’cause damn, we’d probably walk around topless and film it if we looked like that, too.

Source: Muscle Madness / YouTube. 
Photo: Islam Badurgov / Instagram.