Watch: The Superbowl Explained

Look, we all know that the Superbowl is the most important thing to happen in America next week and that the potential revenue generated from its broadcast rights and advertising spots could probably end world hunger forever while paying for every person in the world to own a pair of Google Glasses. But when it comes to fully comprehending what the actual fuck is happening on the field, the convoluted NFL rulebook is as impenetrable to us as those big fells who protect the handsome guy who gets to throw the ball each time.  

Just joking. That guy’s called the quarterback. We knew that. For the rest of the stuff not gleaned from watching Friday Night Lights episodes (apparently the team with the clearest eyes and fullest hearts doesn’t automatically win), here’s an animated “Guide To American Football” by London-based motion graphics whiz, Fraser Davidson, which neatly explains the basics in just under three minutes.  

Now you (kinda, but not really) know. 

Not explained: what’s with the pants? 

Via Gizmodo