PEDESTRIAN.TV has teamed up with Kayo Sports to make sure you're not left out in the field.

We’re all pretty time-poor nowadays – you know, working multiple jobs, meal prepping, sleeping and – of course – spending approximately two more hours than necessary on your phones. Tough life!

So with that being said, you’re forgiven for not being able to squeeze in every second from the entire 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup. It does go for hours at a time, after all.

This can sometimes pose a problem, and it’s not trying to stay entertained throughout – we’re good there. The drama is being able to dedicate the time to your beloved cricket without a myriad of other responsibilities – like, you know, attending work – looming over you.

This doesn’t mean you have to miss out altogether, though. What a damn right catastrophe that would be. All you need is a 30-min time slot. Seriously – chuck your chicken in the oven and you can catch up on all the cricket goodness while you wait.

Kayo Sports is introducing ‘Kayo Minis‘ – 15-30 minute long recaps of the Cricket World Cup matches.

What this means is that you can catch up on the best of the World Cup without having to chuck a sickie (guilty) to squeeze it all in.

ICC Cricket World Cup

No rewinding, no missing the good stuff and most importantly, no sacrifices.

Because they’re so pleasingly short (same), you can fit ‘em in whenever you get a free moment. Lunch break at work? Waiting for someone who said they’ve be on time but really they’re “just leaving home now”? A time-filler between now and bed? You’re sorted.

no customers, no worries

So many people reckon cricket is one of those games that can only be watched if you’ve got time to devote entire days to the sport. That’s just not the case anymore. With these lil’ bite-sized chunks of crickety goodness, you can get your fill and banish all those preconceived notions that you need more time to enjoy it properly while you’re at it.

Seeing as though you’re probably already browsing on your phone (time poor, remember?), if you get Kayo today you’ll score a cheeky 14 day free trial to watch every match of the 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup live and on demand.

Because yes, we’re all busy as heck. But missing the big cricket moments? Nah, that’s out.

Image: iStock / skynesher