As a nation, Australia has had more than its fair share of iconic Olympic moments. But none speak to the Australian psyche, and the Australian attitude towards sport, better than Steven Bradbury‘s immortal gold medal at the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics.

In a sport, short track speed skating, that no Australian should be any good at, and at a global sporting competition we have no rights being even remotely competitive in, Bradbury somehow managed to snatch gold through determination, sheer force of will, and a heaping handful of dumb luck.

If that doesn’t sum up Australia’s perennial above-weight-punching on the global sporting scene perfectly, I simply do not know what will.

While the Rio Games rolls on, it’s important for all Australians to pause and mark Bradbury’s momentous win; the sheer emotion of which has been ably captured by YouTuber Ozzy Man Reviews, who provides damn near poetic musings on the might of the human spirit on display.

“99% of the time if you leave people alone they will self-destruct, fuck up, and butcher their lives.”

*sniff* Words so beautiful they should be in the constitution.

Source: YouTube.