If you’re coming in here thinking that headline is a giant ruse the folks, let me tell you: This is as Goods-As-Advertised as it gets.

Steven Bradbury, Australian hero, Winter Olympic Gold Medalist, living embodiment of the nation’s Taking The Piss attitude, skated into everyone’s hearts in 2002 while all his competitors slid around him. But today, he is the one doing the sliding.

As part of the annual Big Freeze charity initiative, in which celebrities and personalities slide into a pool of ice in the stands at the MCG in order to raise awareness and funds for Motor Neurone Disease research, Bradbury stepped up to the plate and sat down on the plastic sled of glory.

Not content to simply rock up in his skating skivvy and fang down a homage to his glorious triumph in Salt Lake City, Bradbury instead offered up a homage to a cult figure from another sporting field: The often imitated, never duplicated Warwick Capper.

Look at the form. The poise. The cool under fire. That is exactly the elite qualities needed to get to an Olympic short track speed skating final and run dead fuckin’ last the entire way, only to win when everyone else falls over.

And look how long he stays underwater! That pool is a bone-chilling 1.5 degrees, and yet he maintains his commitment to the bit until the bitter, shivering end.

Whenever the Queen dies, put his goddamned head on the back of all coins.

Source: AFL on 7/Twitter.