We’re under no illusions here: Sports stars and journalists have had a pretty strained relationship at the best of times, and trying to make your way through an airport with a group of cameras buzzing around you would be bloody annoying as hell.

But come on, there’s better ways of dealing with things than this.

The South African cricket team has arrived in Adelaide, ahead of the start of the Third Test against Australia on Thursday.

While the overwhelming dominating narrative of the season so far has been the Australian test side and how profoundly shit they’ve been, the Proteas are not without lingering controversy of their own.

Stand-in captain Faf du Plessis is the current subject of a ball tampering investigation, stemming from allegations he used some sort of lolly or mint to get more swing on the ball during the (historically disastrous) second test in Hobart. The ICC has levelled charges and du Plessis faces a one-match ban for the incident.

But remarkably, du Plessis appears all-but certain to line up for South Africa this Thursday, with hearings delayed by SA cricket officials who are insisting on using their own defence lawyer, and who “cannot get out to Australia in time” for the hearing to be sorted prior to the third test.

That’s your back story right there. Get it? Got it? Good.

As the team arrived at Adelaide Airport earlier today, media, including 9News Adelaide reporter Will Crouch, attempted to interview du Plessis, who cheekily showed off a mint in his mouth as he moved through the airport.

SA cricket security physically interjected, roughing up Crouch, knocking the microphone from his hand, and forcefully shoving him up against a glass door.

Ahh yes. The angry violent security detail: Forever the mark of the truly innocent.

A completely new-look Australian side will face the Proteas from Thursday, after selectors made an astonishing six changes in a bid to jump-start a total rebuild of the squad.

Source: Herald Sun.