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After just two games at the Australian Open, Aussie tennis legend Nick Kyrgios has already reverse-heckled a spectator to tell her to piss off.

While playing against Portuguese star Frederico Ferreira Silva, Kyrgios took a moment to shout at someone in the audience.

“Tell your girlfriend to get out of my box!” he said, for the entire stadium (and everyone watching on TV around the world) to hear.

One can only assume she did just that. Imagine having that as your claim to fame: being yelled at during an international sporting event.

We’re not 100% sure who Kyrgios was yelling at, or who the girlfriend was, but The Daily Telegraph did spot his brother, Christos, sitting in his box earlier. Speculating beyond that would be like trying to draw blood from a tennis ball at this point.

It’s also unclear whether the woman shouted anything or did anything else to throw Kyrgios off, or if he was just passively getting the heebie jeebies from her.

Regardless, the man appeared a bit agitated both before and after the incident, but he went on to win the match quite comfortably.

Still, he’s surely earned a bit of goodwill after consistently roasting fellow tennis stars for not isolating all through 2020.

Kyrgios continued being the voice of reason when Australian Open contestants began whinging about mandatory hotel quarantine in January.

Seeing as we don’t know the full story, Kyrgios is still the king. For now.

Hopefully he can make amends with whoever is/isn’t sitting in his box for the remainder of the tournament.

Image: Getty Images / Cameron Spencer