WATCH: Michael Phelps Gets A Life-Size Cutout Of His Iconic Rio Stankface

A few days back, Michael Phelps gave an interview at the VMAs, and we finally learned the origins of the scrunched-up, angry-as-hell, let-the-bodies-hit-the-floor face that he pulled in Rio. 
The multiple gold-medal winner and avowed hip-hop lover told reporters that he was blasting Future‘s ‘Stick Talk’ through his headphones to get himself “in the zone” before the big event, and the scowl was simply a by-product. 
(The fact that he probably terrified the shit out of his opponents before hopping in the pool must also have been a bonus).
Overnight, the Olympic G.O.A.T. stopped by Fallon to talk about his Rio 2016 glory, and seemed a little confused but still pretty chuffed when to be presented with a life-size cutout of his iconic angry face. 
If ever there was a souvenir fit to go straight to the pool room, it’s this one. He can keep it next to all of his gold medals:
The ever-affable Phelps also participated in a game of Egg Russian Roulette with Fallon, and got his own special, Olympic-themed eggs for the occasion. Enjoy:
Source: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.
Photo: NBC / Getty.