Forget the Old Firm, Serbia’s Eternal Derby, and even El Clásico: the fiercest rivalry in world football is apparently between Danish nemeses Brondby IF and FC Copenhagen, ’cause a fan of the former squad took it upon themselves to hurl real dead rats at the rival team overnight.

With a few minutes remaining in the close Superliga match, which saw hosts Brondby lose out 0-1 to the visitors, a die-hard supporter of the home team hurled a number of the inanimate rodents at Copenhagen’s Ludvig Augustinsson as he set up for a corner kick.

As football players are wont to do, Augustinsson kicked one of the carcasses off the field. Stewards eventually picked ’em up, with play resuming shortly after.

Brondby’s sport director Troels Bech released a statement after the match, damning the individual who chose to be an exceedingly gross human with their rat-chucking actions. 

Bech said the search for the individual is underway, and that officials are conducting “dialogue with groups of supporters in the hope that together we can identify the right person and make sure that he gets quarantined from the stadium.”

FWIW, the tension between the two teams is based on more than regional pride. Copenhagen currently reside at the top of the ladder, with Brondby a full 12 points behind. That’s not an excuse to chuck some furry bodies around, but still.

At least it’s not Figo level, hey? 

Photo: Lars Ronbog / Getty.