Watch GoPro Footage Of A Cyclist Getting Taken Out By A Roo

Recently published GoPro footage has brought to an abrupt halt the centuries old debate over who would emerge unscathed in a head on collision between cyclist and kangaroo. The answer: nobody 🙁
While traversing one of the capital’s sweeping arterial roads on Monday evening, cyclist Bronwyn Calver was literally blindsided by a rogue roo while skirting the Prime Ministerial lodge, the whole incident caught on camera. 
Coincidence? Almost certainly. 
Says Bron:
“I escaped relatively unscathed with no broken bones but a severely grazed and bruised elbow, grazed hip and eight stitches in my knee.”
Thank Christ. She continues:
“While the roo did hop away, it jumped over the railing on Adelaide Ave down to State Circle where it was subsequently hit by a car and killed.”
Oh. Per the ABC, ACT Emergency Services Agency chief executive Dominic Lane remarked that, if anything, the collision was evidence of the fact that kangaroos sure are everywhere in Canberra, which makes it “one of the most beautiful places in the world”. 
Silver linings, I guess.
via ABC