Watch Aussie Trick Shot Legends Drain A 126 Metre Bomb Off The Gordon Dam

Real talk: Everyone – literally, EVERYONE – knows that internet trick shot videos are the result of long days of shooting the same thing over and over again as attempt after attempt misses, and what you see on YouTube is the result of it finally going in on take 36.

But that still doesn’t render the finished product anywhere less than impressive as hell.
Australian legends How Ridiculous gave things a blast from the spice weasel and kicked things up several notches for Seven‘s Sunday Night program last night, venturing down to the chilly depths of Tasmania’s inner south west and the mighty Gordon Dam.
The Dam wall, which sits about 126.5 metres high (seriously, just looking at it makes me feel sick), is as good a place as any to try and lob a basketball into a hoop from. And with a magnificent curved shot, the lads managed to hit back iron – casually setting a new world record in the process.

There’s all sorts of different physical factors at work here – mostly revolving around wind, velocity, and curvature. So this is no mean feat.
Let’s see the jock dorks at Dude Perfect try and top THAT. ‘Straya!