WATCH: Aussie M8s Set Boonta New World Record For ‘Highest Basketball Shot’

Three Aussie blokes have turned a pretty stock-standard achievement – sinking a basketball shot – into a bona fide world record, after they sunk a three from atop a dam in the Swiss alps.
From the video it looks to mainly be an excuse to execute some astonishingly stunning cinematography, but look, we’re not even mad at them.
Brett Stanford, Derek Herron and Scott Gaunson were standing atop the Mauvoisin Dam in Switzerland, which I am convinced is also the location of the infamous “EDWARD NORTON IS THE BAD GUY” scene in the iconic 2003 remake of The Italian Job
The mates from Perth – who together make up a stunt group called How Ridiculous – gave the 180-metre shot three cracks before they could sink the b-ball, and the final outcome is truly is a sight to behold. 
Congratulations to the men who have achieved everyone’s lifelong dream by hopping into the hallowed pages of The Guinness World Book Of Records. I am yet to be contacted about my feat in eating the most amount of cheese in one sitting, but it’ll happen. 

Source: The ABC
Photo: YouTube.