WATCH: Aussie Cricket Team Attacks The Crack During National Anthem

In the journalism biz, you’ve often got to editorialise a plethora of complex situations and events; distill subjects with wide-ranging causes down into digestible commentary.

It’s a difficult job, at the best of times. Sometimes things require extensive research, considered though, canvassed opinion, all before pen is put to paper (or finger to keyboard, as it were).
Pieces can go through draft after draft after draft, constantly re-writing, refining, perfecting. It’s an art form that requires balance, poise, and a deft touch. And when it’s presented at its finest, it is truly one of the most exquisite forms of the written word that mankind is capable of producing.
But then there’s days like today where this falls across your desk and all that gets thrown out the window because what in the blue hell is Usman Khawaja doing to Adam Zampa‘s butt during the actual Australian National Anthem?

By jingo’s what the heck’s goin on here?!! We’ve heard of checking the hot spot but that’s just too far…#Straya

Posted by The Crowd Goes Wild on Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Talk about being caught behind.

We’re professionals, we swear.

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