Right, straight off the bat: the video below includes a slur against people with intellectual disabilities. We’re not in the business of condoning that kind of language. At all.

BASE Jumping

Well, no, actually, and a recent video from pro jumper and coach Chris McDougall serves as pretty excellent proof of why his niche profession exists. 

Footage collected and narrated by the very, very Australian McDougall shows a recent brush with absolute disaster. During a session with some of his students, McDougall spotted some rando rock up to the bridge and prepare to jump – without leg straps. 

Now, we’re no experts, but it seems pretty bloody important that people intent on hurling themselves from an elevated position ensure all of their limbs are connected to the parachute, not just their arms. Hanging on to a ‘chute like it’s a backpack doesn’t seem like much fun, let alone survivable. 

McDougall backed that viewpoint up, straight-up saying “I caught him, within about one and a half seconds of him jumping straight to his death. 

There’s no way around it. Had he jumped off that object, he was going to die.”

Yeah, we’ll stick to just watching the videos of madmen like McDougall jumping, tbh. Watch the whole ordeal below:

Source and photo: Chris McDougall / YouTube.