Vince McMahon Just Cashed In Heaps Of WWE Stock To Fund A Football League

Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to etc. ‘Course when you’re Vince McMahon you can repeat any old intensely weird decision from your past and people will watch no matter what because… y’know… it’s Vince McMahon.

The pro-wrestling magnate just sold an absolute shitload of his stock in WWE, and all signs point to McMahon using the cash gained from the sale to fund a professional football league.


Those among you with long enough memories or the kind of pro-wrestling obsession that this particular writer has will remember that McMahon previously had a crack at owning a league back in 2001, known as the XFL. It featured a rag-tag bunch of NFL failures, boasted a raft of bizarre rule changes, featured teams with names like the Memphis Maniax or Los Angeles Xtreme, and had a heightened focus on harder hits and more violent play.

It lasted precisely one season, and it sucked tremendously.

But now for whatever reason it looks like Vincent Kennedy McMahon, a man who routinely referred to his own testicles as “grapefruits” on TV, is set to do it all again.

McMahon quietly founded a company called Alpha Entertainment back in September; a corporation completely separate from WWE operations. Thanks to a filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, we also know that McMahon parted with a fucken truckload of his ownership stock in WWE, in a sale that was worth about USD$105 million, or AUD$136 million.

The amount of stock he sold doesn’t make a dent in his ownership stake or voting power of WWE, but it’s a fair ass chunk of change.

In addition, Alpha Entertainment filed five trademarks on the name “XFL,” which definitely looks like he’s trying to saddle the horse up once again.

There’s a chance the league might actually be interesting. There’s certainly a class of talent available outside the NFL that far outstrips the one that was available in 2001. Colin KaepernickRG3Johnny Football, and Tim Tebow are all names that are not currently on NFL lists.

‘Course the far more likely option for the weirdly conservative is this.

Yep. That ah… that makes a whole lotta sense.

It’s worth noting that the original XFL lost both Vince and NBC around $35 million each.

But hey, Roman Reigns has had multiple runs with the world title. One bad turn deserves another.