Video Shows Injured Knights Star Alex McKinnon Walking With Assistance

Former Newcastle Knights star Alex McKinnon, who suffered a devastating spinal injury after a dangerous tackle during a match against the Melbourne Storm, posted a video of his rehabilitation that shows him successfully walking with assistance. 
The then 22-year-old was facing the possibility of life as a quadriplegic after the tackle, and in a lengthy 60 Minutes interview earlier this year, opened up about his recovery process, and his anger at Storm skipper Cameron Smith in the wake of the incident.  
Overnight, he shared the clip, which was shot at the Making Strides Recovery Centre at the Gold Coast, and shows the incredible progress he has made, walking with the assistance of a trainer, a frame and harness.

A video posted by @alexmmckinnon on

Along with the video, he wrote:
With all the support and care from people all around the world I feel it’s important to continue to give people an update of how my progress is going with my Injury. 

Update: Anybody that has had an injury be it big or small understands the frustration that comes with rehab and the feeling of it being out of your control. Yet you continue to persist to turn up & push to see a change even though sometimes you think it is so far away. 

This week I had a really good week up on the Gold Coast at @makingstridesau and sore some improvement it the ability to lock out my knees, in this small clip I am in a harness and using a walking frame and the assistants of a trainer to swing my legs through. Though the ability of my legs being able to lock out continually over a long period (80 metres) and not tire is a big improvement for me as I couldn’t not do this before. 

This may seem small though it is an improvement, I’m a very hard marker on myself and to see a change is big for me.
I do my rehab with not only the main goal of being able to walk again in mind but also to stay as healthy & active as possible and to keep my body in the best shape I can so when one day there is a cure of SCI I will be ready. ….
Must be cause it’s Grand Final Week, Goodluck.
Nicely done, mate!

Photo: Ashley Feder via Getty Images