An Entire Baseball Stadium Just Booed The Holy Soul Out Of President Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump exists in a weird world he created for himself by force in which he thoroughly believes that he is the most universally beloved President and man in American history, and he requires that belief to be reinforced at all times by the carefully selected squadron of thick-skulled Cheetoh people he insulates himself from the outside world with. So just why in the hell he thought he could get away with not only going to a World Series baseball game, let alone have himself splashed across the giant stadium screen, will remain a mystery for a long, long time.

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Trump and his various cronies (“wife” included) attended the currently on-going 5th game of the World Series between the Houston Astros and the US capitol’s own Washington Nationals.

During an innings break, Trump et al were shown on-screen at the extremely sold out Nationals Park in Washington D.C..

To say the reception was icy is a thunderous understatement.

Woof. They switch from cheer to boo on a damn dime. No hesitation at all.

Better still, news cameras at the game captured the Trump camp’s reaction to the vehement booing up close, and you can practically see the rage bile boiling up in his head, staining his brain a nuclear shade of Mountain Dew-yellow.

Those aren’t casual boos either. That’s full lunged-booing. Bordering on “John Cena walking into Chicago to face CM Punk in 2011” levels of rejection.

Following Trump’s appearance on the big screen, large sections of the crowd even broke out into sustained chants of “Lock Him Up.”

Again, this game was happening in Washington D.C. itself.

A very, very solemn press of F to pay respects to Mr. President’s poor feelings.