Triple J’s Facebook Is Getting Trolled With Collingwood Grand Final Heat

If you’re a long-suffering Collingwood Magpies fan looking to enjoy some summer sun today while the Hottest 100 plays in the background, don’t bother going to Triple J‘s Facebook page. Stay well away today. For you, right now, it’s the bad place. Don’t look.

For everyone else: If you’re keen for a cheap laugh, you could certainly do much worse than read on.

[jwplayer y5bz6doa]

Much like an esky full of beers or the occasional belly flop into the kiddy pool, one of the rich traditions of the Hottest 100 is haranguing the comments sections on Triple J’s Facebook posts with the same dang line, over and over and over again.

In years past it’s been much simpler fare; “ya jokin! shoulda been higher!” and things of that ilk.

This year, however, it’s had a much more footy-flavoured twang to it. And it’s a painful bloody reminder for Pies fans of their one dark day last September.

A whole bunch of Triple J’s Hottest 100 Facebook posts are copping an absolute pizzling from people posting the particularly stinging barb “Great song but Collingwood still blew a 6 goal lead in the Grand Final.

Bloody… ouch.

The masterminds of this whole affair seem to be a pair of blokes by the names of Dante Afnan and Jaiden Fidge, the former of whom appeared first on the ole’ feed at #91, peppering a little footy-related spice on A$AP Rocky‘s first entry on the list.

5 spots later, there he was again. This time coming off the bench to feed a bit of flavour in on Lime Cordiale‘s #86 entry, Dirt Cheap.

From there, it was on for young and old. Afnan was apparently off to the the races. Collingwood’s blown 6-goal Grand Final lead was getting thrown around left and right on posts as far as the eye can see.

Soon after Fidge seems to have come of for his midfield rotation and put forth a truly heroic effort, flinging out clearance after clearance as the post count got higher and higher.

Solid first half from the lads. Will they be able to hold their own through the back half of the countdown? Will they complete a miraculous win seemingly in the face of all odds? Or will they, like the Magpies they mock, suffer a fade out at the most crucial of moments?

Only time will tell. Tune in and find out, sports fans!