Top 10 Sports Related Halloween Costumes

Halloween in the US is a little bit like music festivals in Australia. They seemed designed just to service girls who want to dress like tarts and guys who need to justify those 4 hours a day in the gym. But if you wade through the endless pics of sexy nurses, shirtless fireman, hot-cops, and dudes in ill-fitting female attire, you can stumble across some really inventive, sweet and LOL-worthy efforts. Here’s our favorite 2012 sports related entries.

10. Rayna Tyson – Mike Tyson’s daughter
Thanks to a surprisingly enlightening doco and the fact that he hasn’t tried to eat anyone for a while, Tyson has slowly but surely emerged from a career of scandals to become a devoted and caring father. His daughter’s choice to dress as Iron Mike is a sweet nod to her pop.

9. NHL Lockout Pumpkin
As you may or may not be aware, the NHL 2012/2013 season has been put on ice due to an ongoing labor dispute. This means fans have plenty of time on their hands.

via Total Pro Sports

8. Mo Williams – NBA, Utah Jazz
Clever pun, simple idea. Well played.

7. Lolo Jones – US Olympic Hurdler
Lolo was ALWAYS going to dress up and tweet her costume. We have little doubt that she belongs in the new-school 28 Days Later inspired sprinting zombies rather than George A Romero’s plodding undead.

6. Thomas DeCoud – NFL, Atlanta Falcons
If you go old-school, make sure you go OLD-school. DeCoud’s Prince of Bel Air receives the perfect finish with an actual boombox.

5. Ludacris – Rapper
Again, simple trumps extravagant when you have a good idea. Ludacris’ Anthony Davis is spot on.

via Yardbarker

4. Quinton Jackson – MMA Fighter/Movie Star
Not only does Jackson pull off one seriously mean looking Dark Night, but he also has his back covered with a cute-as-a-button mini-Cat Woman. Strong team.

3. The Rock – Wrestler/Movie Star
Holy muscle bulge Quinton Jackson’s Batman! The Rock, bar his distinctive ink job, is unrecognisable as the Hulk. There’s buff and there’s “I’d need CGI to portray BRUCE BANNER!”

2. Alex Morgan – US Women’s Soccer
Morgan and her US teammate Sydney Leroux get bonus points for (pretty) current cultural relevance by going after unimpressed U.S. women’s gymnast McKayla Maroney and Gabby Douglas.

1. Josh Sundquist
The Paralympic skier, who lost his leg to cancer as a child, has a strong track record with inventive Halloween costumes but this one will take some beating after he dressed as the ‘leg lamp‘ from 1983’s Christmas Story . Clever!