Tommaso D’Orsogna Speaks Out Against Swim Team Culture

Another swimmer has broken ranks to speak out against the team culture with the Australian Swim team. Tommaso D’Orsogna, a member of the infamous 4x100m relay team (he swam in the heats, not the final) has confirmed that the incident in Manchester on the eve of the games pushed the team to breaking point.

It is a little bit disappointing that kind of behavior did occur (a week before the Games). People kind of talk and they say ‘Well listen, it’s just boys being boys’, and things like that, but unfortunately, I come back and I look back on that kind of thing and I sit down and think, well, maybe it would be acceptable in a schoolboys’ rugby team or a schoolboys’ team, but this is the Australian Olympic team. That kind of behaviour shouldn’t be tolerated and nor should it be allowed. I can definitely confirm that there’s no way that any other Australian team that was away at the Olympics would have been mucking around and doing that kind of stuff.
via Fox Sports

In addition to acting like royal dicks with midnight prank calls and knock and runs, senior members of the team are alleged to have subjected younger team member Stilnox initiations. All they needed to do was hire out a Sega Saturn with Tekken 4 and they’d recreated my 12th birthday to the letter. Way to go boys.

National catch and kiss team coming to a hotel near you.

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