TODAY IN RIO: Freak Winds, A Concerning Bushfire & A Snapped Camera Wire

Look, we know that the media’s Olympic coverage is almost as much about the things that have gone catastrophically wrong as they are about the actual sports taking place. Maybe Australia‘s fairly disappointing medal tally thus far compels us to cover more of that stuff to remind us that things could absolutely be worse.

Or maybe a country with an endemically corrupt government and crippling systemic poverty might be a less than amazing place to host an extremely expensive international sports gathering! But that’s none of our business.
There have been a couple of solid entries today in the holy shit I think God is conspiring against the Rio Olympics file.
It’s insanely windy.

Rio is an incredibly windy city, and events have already been postponed and shuffled around over the past week thanks to the intensity of the gusts. The rowing was postponed today because of the wind, but then the sailing was postponed because the wind died down too much. Make up ya damn mind.

When I was in Rio last week hanging out at the Oakley House, I saw winds strong enough to pick up and blow around entire tables in the back area. It’s a windy city.
There’s, uh, an actual fire.

We’ve woken up to the news that there’s a literal fire raging on the outskirts of Rio, and there’s a lot of smoke filling the air. The 7 News broadcast this morning was filled with smoke. The fire is apparently on the hill above where the women’s hockey is being played.

Nothing like a bit of a raging brushfire to keep spirits up.
A camera wire snapped, injuring two people.

Turns out a television camera cable snapped above the Olympic Park, sending a huge camera plummeting to the ground and injuring two women. As you can see in the above photo, the camera is quite large and it is lucky no one died.
Check out this gnarly video of it happening though:

There we have it, guys. Rio’s going well.
Source: Twitter.
Photo: Getty Images / Twitter.