ABSOLUTE SCENES: Tim Paine Actually Won A Bloody Coin Toss

You wouldn’t read about it. You wouldn’t even read about itTim Paine, captain of the Australian test cricket team, has won a coin toss. He actually bloody won one. It’s an absolute miracle.

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In Canberra this morning, ahead of the start of the second and final test against Sri Lanka this series, Paine strode to the centre of the ground and ended one of the sporting worlds worst runs of form by winning the pre-game toss of the coin.

I cannot stress enough: Absolute scenes.

Since taking the reins as captain, Paine has won just one coin toss from eight matches, which is the worst record of any Test skipper in the recorded history of the game.

At a loss as to explain his incredibly bad run of luck, Paine last night suggested he might switch his coin-flipping arm over to the left. Lo and behold, instant results.

And didn’t the boys ever love it. Cop Peter Siddle losing his god-given shit when the coin fell truly.

More to that, punters waiting for the first ball of test cricket in Canberra to be bowled had a nice old time with Timmy’s breakthrough win.

For what it’s worth, the rare Tim Paine coin toss victory does have its benefits: The one and only previous time he called the flip correctly was in Perth earlier this year. And in that game, we somehow managed to knock off the Indian side.

So frankly, this all bodes very well indeed.

At lunch on Day 1, Australia have gone into the sheds at 3 for 103.