Those studs on the bottom of all football players boots? When they come into contact with human skin, they fucking hurt. A lot.

For those of you who’ve never experienced it before – first off, lucky you – even a mere glancing graze from the sole of an opponent’s boot during a cold winter’s game kind of feels like sticking your head in the freezer for five minutes and then having a heated up cheese grater struck across your face.

But whilst a mere graze is still a pretty bad time, it ain’t got shit on this.

South African prop Nicholas Schonert copped a beyond-nasty-looking gash to his cheek, when his English club Worcester Warriors took on Saracens at the historic Twickenham ground.

The 24-year-old took an accidental boot to the face from Saracens flanker Maro Itoje, which left a ghastly, gaping wound on his cheek – reminiscent of the ole’ Joker-style Chelsea Smile wounds.


The injury took some 40 stitches in his goddamned face to close up. But, to his credit, Schonert seemed in good spirits about the whole thing.

Still, now’s probably as good a time as any for all ball sport types to take a quick refresher course in the difference between “turf” and “human flesh.”

Read your feet, friends. Always read your feet.

Photo via Twitter.

via SMH.