There Now Exists A Way To Avoid World Cup Spoilers

Thanks to the mystical powers of a new browser plug-in we’d love to see applied to the identity of whoever got a oneway ticket from Westeros to Belize this week, World Cup results are no longer a thing the gabby denizens of the internet can spoil for you.

Thanks to a digital catch up service Gretchen Wieners would approve of, Fetch TV, your chosen web browser can now be purged of all results-related World Cup spoilers. Unless of course you’re on Safari. In which case, how’s that Angelfire website coming along?  

The free browser plug-in, available only to to Chrome or Firefox browser users, works by blocking out World Cup news by scanning for relevant countries, football related terms and team names then blocking them out with the national colours of the team mentioned. 
“The Fetch TV Spoiler Spoiler App will help fans who prefer to record the overnight games instead of getting up. Whether your team wins or loses, it’s so frustrating to find out the result online before you’ve had a chance to watch the game, but with Spoiler Spoiler you no longer have to worry,” said Sue Brenchley, Marketing Director of Fetch TV.  
“Not only are we making sure match results aren’t spoiled, but Fetch TV’s recording functionality means that football fans will be able to watch all 64 matches without endless sleepless nights stretching over the four weeks of competition. Fetch TV ensures that fans can have the best of both worlds – sport from another time zone, and sleep.”
Download it for free here.
Via TV Tonight
Image via Brendon Thorne via Getty