Truth be bloody told, gifting a live event the name ‘Great Balls of Fire‘ is purely asking for trouble. But regardless, they still walked head-first into this one.

World Wrestling Entertainment, they of the muscle grapply boys and the suplexes and the occasionally terrible but mostly wonderful professional wresting content, is pumping out “special events” at such a break-neck pace these days that they’ve literally run out of names.

So in promoting their new July event, rather than rehashing an old title (though here’s me begging for them to bring back ‘In Your House: Beware of Dog‘) the company decided to go with ‘Great Balls of Fire‘ for whatever reason.

That’s fine. That’s all well and good. It’s a *bit* weird, but we can all handle it.

But then there’s the logo.

Which is ah… look, there’s no getting around it, folks.

It’s a dick and balls.

50% dick. 50% balls. 100% dick and balls.

Like you actually needed a closer look at it, but here’s one anyway.

The WWE Is Promoting An Upcoming Event With A Logo That Is 100% A Dick & Balls

The WWE Is Promoting An Upcoming Event With A Logo That Is 100% A Dick & Balls

The WWE has actually produced three different logos for the event – which is being headlined by the hoss fight to end all hoss fights between Brock Lesnar and Samoa Joe – but it’s this one that people have been getting a little crotchety over.

I mean things are really coming to a head.

Boy I hope whoever designed that one has gotten the shaft.


Wang or no wang, the event is still scheduled to go down on Monday, July 10th (AUS time).

If this is subtle foreshadowing of a Dick Togo return, I am gonna freak the fuck out.

Source: Twitter.