The NRL Grand Final Drinking Game

The NRL Grand Final is here! It’s 1 vs 2 with the Canterbury Bulldogs taking on the Melbourne Storm in the most evenly matched Grand Final in years. Are we in for a classic that goes down to the wire? Will Ben Barba seal a sensational season with premiership glory or will Billy Slater confirm that he’s still the top dog. It’s been a great year of football so lets celebrate! Here’s our very own NRL Grand Final drinking game!

Take a drink if…

– You think Sarah De Bono has taken Julie Anthony’s crown as Pre-Game Anthem queen.
– Michael Ennis’ “are fuck fucking kidding?” inquiry to the referee is clearly audible on the Channel 9 coverage.
– Phil Gould says “No,no,no,no, NO !!!”, “Dear Oh Dear Oh Dear !”, “WOW !!! … (long pause) … WOW !!!!”
– Craig Bellamy looks like he’s about to have an anger induced aneurism.
– They have an “old fashioned softening up period.” Double down if this yields a fight.
– Cameron Smith misses his first three conversions.
– Smith, Cronk, Slater are refereed to as the spine.
– Krisnan Inu does something freakish.

Finish your drink if…
– One of the callers says “I’m really looking forward to this” as they introduce Good Charlotte.
– Sam Kasiano drops the ball from a kickoff.
– Ray Warren awkwardly cross promotes Channel 9’s new ‘hit’ show, asks someone to “close the gate” or refers to Billy Slater as Billy the Kid.
– We have to sit through another 10 minute lesson on what constitutes a shepherd at half-time.
– Peter Sterling says “If we freeze play there …”
– Ben Barba creates a try from 80m+.
– Des Hasler smiles.
– The video ref makes a bad call. Double down if he has to flee to Majorca after the game.
– Frank Prichard and Sam Kasiano suffer a nasty head clash after their beards become entangled.

Finish the carton/bottle/rest of the booze cabinet if…
– Petero Civoniceva has that “I gave 14 years of my life to this damn game and all I got was a fucking song by The Script!” look on his face as he does his commemorative lap around the field with his fellow retirees.
– Usain Bolt comes in to replace the injured winger.
– Channel 9 plays Who let the Dogs Out at any point during the coverage.
– Rick Flare and Hulk Hogan are drafted into the teams in a bid to capitalise on the wrestling trend sweeping through the NRL.
– The game inspires you to go out and get a commemorative neck tattoo.

Bottoms up!