With the World Cup of 2014 now naught but a fading memory it’s time to look back and reflect on what really was a hell of a tournament. And in doing so, highlighting some of the absolute cracking play that took place during the 64 matches and 171 goals scored.

The readers of FIFA.com have voted on the best goals of the tournament, and a ranked list of the top 15 has been released. The video, sadly, isn’t embeddable. But instead we can relive the top 5 through the miracle of GIFs!

1. James Rodriguez (Columbia) vs Uruguay

2. Robin van Persie (Netherlands) vs Spain

3. James Rodriguez (Colombia) vs Japan

4. Mario Gotze (Germany) vs Argentina

5. David Luiz (Brazil) vs Colombia

For those of you with two eyes and a heartbeat who came in here with the reasonable expectation that our own Tim Cahill‘s absolute peach of a goal would at least get a mention in the Top 5, we’re about as miffed as you are.

It came in at number 6. But screw it, we’re including it in the top 5 post anyway.

6. Tim Cahill (Australia) vs Netherlands

Clearly this is a physical manifestation of FIFA’s anti-Australian bias that continues to permeate through the sport’s highest organisational body because there’s a certain order to world soccer and how dare it be disturbed by a plucky, upstart country chock full of¬†GET SHIT DONE LEGENDS.

You can view the video in full¬†via this link. Conveniently, there’s also a comments section on there. Why not let them all know exactly how you feel while you’re at it.

Photo: Robert Cianflone via Getty Images.